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All services start with a FREE consultation to assess your tax/accounting needs.
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Tired of trying to decipher how much you owe Uncle Sam? We help you save the most on taxes, using various tax reduction strategies all while staying abreast of changing tax laws.

  • Secure portal

  • Utilize latest technology

  • Includes state returns 



Do you know your monthly revenue & expenses? If not, look no further!

Every successful business needs  accurate financial records. We can organize your finances and provide monthly financial statements so you are always in the know. We also provide accounts payable & accounts receivable service as an add-on.

  • Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Financial Statements

  • Monthly Review via Video


Received a letter from the IRS? No worries! We work with the IRS &/or State on your behalf to reduce debt owed, file back income taxes and resolve your case. We specialize in resolving non-filer and estimated (quarterly) tax issues.

  • Offer-in-Compromise

  • Payment Plan

  • Appeal

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